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Update: Tomorrow, I will have a KILLER, SUPER AWESOME goodwill haul up for you guys!

But until then, feel welcome to check out the videos I have already released, leave comments, and subscribe!

I’m trying to get into the whole daily vlogging thing! We’ll see how that goes 😉



My First OOTD Video: Floral Vibrance

Enjoy! 🙂


“Would You Rather” Vlog!!! It’s up now! :)

Come check out my channel on youtube, and follow us! 😀 Subscribe, “like”, and leave some love!!!

Revamped and Ready to Go

I revamped the entire blog, and added some widgets to assist people in navigating my work. I added some more links on the menu as well, for those of you who would enjoy exploring my other creative projects! Thank you, again, for all the support and love I’ve received and continue to receive on my creative endeavors. Every day is a new adventure, and it’s especially great getting to tackle it with all of you by my side, literally and figuratively!

During this Summer, I am also planning on adding videos to my Youtube channel more frequently like I had hoped before, writing more frequently here, and taking lots of beautiful photographs documenting my life during the Summer! Stay tuned for the creative flow that’s about to come your way.



I Do My Boyfriend’s Makeup :)

I made a video of me doing my boyfriend’s makeup. I was lucky he was willing to do it!
I’m a horrible girlfriend!!! Hahahaha


Come “Like” Mandirito on Facebook!

Come “Like” Mandirito on Facebook!

I would love to have your company over there, too!


My Boyfriend Did My Makeup!!

I finally took a better video of my boyfriend doing my makeup for the channel. I hope you guys enjoy! 🙂